Before we lived here, we knew very little about the area around Espinasse, but since arriving, we have made it our priority to explore and understand the region at every opportunity.  It is very quiet in the winter, but we are one hour from the ski slopes and even in during the colder months, the terrain is perfect for walking, hiking and cycling.  In the summer we have small beaches around the many lakes, and there are theme parks in Clermont Ferrand, focussing on the volcanic history of the area, and conservation.  We cannot do better than point you to the local tourist website, through which you can research your stay and even book many activities, from canoeing to mountain climbing.   Take a look, and plan your visit here : https://www.tourisme-combrailles.fr/

We are approximately seven hours drive, south from Calais.  Two hours from Limoges airport where Ryanair fly four days per week, all year.  We are one hour from Clermont Ferrand airport which has seasonal Ryanair flights from April to October, and two hours from Brive airport which has seasonal flights too.  Flights range from 9.99 euros each way, to about 50 euros each way.  Most flights to Clermont Ferrand are about 26 euros each way.

If you are travelling from Holland we are about ten hours away, and an ideal stop-off if you are heading to the south of France for your main vacation.  Brussels is about six hours away, and if you are crossing from Switzerland to the west coast, again, we are a great half-way point.  We are four hours from Geneva, and six hours from Luxembourg. 

You will need a car or motorbike when you get here, unless you are an avid walker or cyclist.  We are ten minutes from the nearest supermarket, in the car, and one hour by car, from Vichy and Clermont Ferrand; our nearest big cities. 

Our biggest asset is the countryside.  Here you can feel at peace, in beautiful surroundings and at one with nature. Our immediate area is beautiful, even though we say so ourselves!  Our neighbours are farmers and Espinasse village is 1 km down the hill.  It has two small cafes, and the nearest boulangerie is ten minutes away.  Having said that, we bake our own bread and croissants, on site, for your breakfast!

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