Who are we?

We are Gary and Amanda Plumb and since our marriage in Las Vegas in 2013, we have been on a great adventure…
Buying a property in France is the latest and hopefully our lasting achievement. We feel we have finally found our home and we are happy to invite you, our guests, to join us.
We moved into Combrailleurs in August 2018 and we hope to turn it into your home from home during your own adventures in the Auvergne. Previously we have worked in theatre, sales, engineering and medicine. Our lives have been varied and exciting. It is now time to settle down and help you have just as much fun as us.
We have many passions, most of all, we are involved in animal rescue and we are happy to cater for vegetarian and vegan visitors as well as meat eaters. We have sailed, coached football, skied, volunteered and embraced every opportunity. We have travelled extensively and are extremely interested in people from all walks of life and cultures.
We look forward to meeting you and hope you will enjoy your stay.